Thursday, August 28, 2008

Creativity Flattened!

Wow! I came across another very cool Etsy find.

This time it is from NothingLikeIt. Robin makes "one-of-a-kind creations" by hand out of flexible polymer clay. Her flattened coasters are her most popular items. She fashions the coasters to look like flattened people and animals. They are very entertaining. This one of the Computer Geek is my favorite. I love how he is holding a mouse in his hand. He just cracks me up!!
Thanks Robin for being so creative and making me laugh!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Front Page of Dawanda


I made to the front page of DaWanda! I went to sign into my DaWanda account today and there was one of my items on the front page.

My item is the tin with orange and teal magnets!

How-To Guide: Making a Treasury

Have you ever wondered what Etsy's Treasuries are? The NC Triangle Street Team has posted part two of a three series introduction to treasuries.

Part two goes into an in-depth discussion on what a treasury is. The guide takes you step-by-step through the process of waiting, landing and putting together a treasury. The directions included illustrations every step of the way.

So click HERE to check it out! Learn all about treasuries and why they are so addictive!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Too Cute Etsy Find

So I was surfing Etsy a few days ago and look at what I found.
The Sweetest Home and Daisy is the cutest pincushion that I have ever seen. I was amazed by the work that the seller, EnnaDesignShop, has put in. The pincushion features Blue Bird and his house and is adorned with daisies. I was so amazed by this piece that I had to share it with my viewers! Do you know anyone who sews? If so, what a perfect gift this would make!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Mine! All Mine!!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

So I am normally very good at restraining myself from shopping. I have been so good lately I decided to reward myself. What kind of reward did I get?? A mini-shopping spree of course!

It has been at least 4 months since my last Etsy purchase. I am constantly coming across little treasures on Etsy that I must have. Through hard work and determination I have been able to refrain from making any purchases.

Well not today! While I was putting together my latest treasury, Nap Time, I came across these cute little notecards. Immediately I feel for "Oh So Sleepy". Then when I snooped around, the photographer's site, nicholslk, I came across "Lil Guy" and I had to have that as well! He is so cute that I just could not say no. This cutie pie is now on his way to my house! Who could pass up a face that cute??
Laid Back and Loving It is little cutie made by NowThatsDifferent. I have been watching him for a while. I just think he is the cutest little guy around. I love how he is photographed in a plant. What a perfect place for him. I plan to go to Lowe's sometime this week and buy him a plant to live in.

Ok, can someone talk me out of buying this guy? Similar to the the cat above, this is a sleepy kitty notecard. Lindentreephotograph did an amazing job photographing this little kitty. He looks like he is exhausted. It is such a cute little notecard but I just purchased 2 cards! Someone talk me down before I buy this guy as well!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How-To Guide: Making a Treasury

Are you a buyer or seller on Etsy? Wish you knew what the big deal was with the "treasuries"? Well now you can learn all about it!

LynnsCrafts and CinnamonSpice, writers for the NCTriangle Etsy Street Team Blog have set out on a three part series about Treasuries. Click HERE to learn what a treasury is and the premise behind them.

Stay tuned for more of the series and to learn how YOU can make a treasury!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Website

Start To Finish is now available on BigCartel!!

The same great items are now available from Start To Finish on BigCartel AND Etsy. Why shop Start To Finish on BigCartel? Discounts! I am able to offer discounts on BigCartel! Stop by and check it out the ...


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