Monday, July 21, 2008

Shop Update

News from Start To Finish Supplies!
At Start To Finish Supplies new items are constantly being added. Check back frequently to see whats new! Some of the items that have been added include:

Aluminum Tins! Two new styles have been added. One is a square, 4 ounce lidded tin. The tin features a window lid and is great for packaging and selling your product!

The other is a petite, round 1 ounce tin. This size is great for packaging small items! Do you sell thumbtacks in small quantities? These tins are the perfect way to package them!

A new size is now available in the resealable cellophane packages! You can now purchase 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 packages. This size is ideal for cardmakers and photographers. The packages are a professional way to show off your work and protect it at the same time!

Also coming soon...
*Cha-Cha Ring Bases
*Snap Clips
*Bobby Pins

Did you know there is a sale going on at Start To Finish Supplies?! Take advantage of it while it lasts!!
Here are the details:
*Cover Buttons in Quantities of 100 and 200 ship for free within the US
*International shipping rates lowered on quantities of 100 and 200
*Tools ship free when purchased with another item (domestic and international orders)

2 comments: said...

I really like those tins. Too bad they're not the right size for our jewelry.

w said...

i love tins. i need to remember your shop the next time i have an itchin' for tins!

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