Monday, October 6, 2008

New Items!!

I am excited to announce that Start To Finish has some great new items!! Here are SOME of the new products to hit the shelves!

Please excuse the bad photography. I am so excited about the new items that I have not had the time to edit my pictures. ;)

I have had numerous requests for flat back cover buttons. Well, now I have them. Right now I carry them in sizes 36 and 45. I am going to use the next few weeks as a trial period. If there is a good response to the flat backs then I will start selling them in all of the sizes!

**Tie Tacks and Pin Backs**
Want to make broaches and pins with your cover buttons. Now you can! I am now selling pin backs. They are .75" in length and are great to use on button sizes 36, 45 and 60.

Would you rather make your broaches and pins with tie tacks? Now you can. I am also selling tie tacks with coordinating clutches. The tie tacks are great for button sizes 24, 30, 36, 45 and 60.

In addition to the size 3/4" magnets that I currently sell, I am now offering magnets in 1/2". These magnets are extra strong and are great to use on those small buttons.

**Large Hinged Tin with Window**

I am excited to announce that I now carry rectangular hinged tins with a window lid. The tins are food grade and hold 1/2 oz. The tins can be used to store craft supplies, candy, food, or you can use them to sell your product! **Small Slide Boxes**
These white cardboard boxes come in two pieces, an inner piece that and an outer cover. The boxes are great for packaging your products. You can decorate them or put a sticker on them with your shop info. They are reusable and sturdy.

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Nothinglikeit said...

Hey! Thanks for including me in your Halloween treasury and on your blog as well!
I love looking through your shop at all of your cool supplies - makes me want to start making buttons!

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